Points to Consider to get the best Pharmaceutical Journals to publish the results of your research


In this blog we talk about how to find the best Pharmaceutical Journals to publish the results of your research

What considerations should be made when choosing a publication to publish a research paper

You must publish your work in reputable journals to gain recognition and a high level of pleasure for yourself in order to complete your education and launch a career in the field of biomedical research.

However, there are numerous other important factors that must be taken into account before submitting our work to the journal. Impact factor, SCImago Journal rating, article processing fees, frequency of journal subscriptions, length of journal processing or review procedure, publishing agency network, journal access, etc. are some of the factors that are taken into consideration.

Impact factor

The "average the article" in a journal has been referenced on average over a certain period of time, which is measured by the impact factor, which is frequently used to assess the relative importance of the journal within its associated subject. 

SCImago Journal rating

The SCImago Journal Ranking (SJR), a metric for evaluating the scientific significance of academic journals, takes into account both the volume of citations a journal receives and the standing or significance of the other journals from which it receives citations. The SJR of a journal is a numerical statistic that represents the average number of weighted citations gained for each article published in that journal over the course of the previous three years. A higher SJR rating denotes a more prestigious journal.

Article processing fees 

Article Processing Charges (APC), usually referred to as a publication fee, are sometimes levied against authors in order to make their work accessible online in open access or hybrid journals. The author, the author's institution, or the research funder may be responsible for covering this charge. Authors make a one-time APC payment to cover the costs of managing peer review administration and professional article development. 

Frequency of journal subscriptions 

The majority of articles in a journal are often published online once, twice, four times, or every month throughout the year. Journal subscribers can choose to get a softcopy or hardcopy of the articles at regular intervals. This could be on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. 

Length of journal processing or review procedure 

The time between submitting an article and it being accepted for publication is known as the journal processing or reviewing procedure duration. 

Publishing agency network 

The platforms that systematically bring journals online are publishing agency networks. They offer readers and researchers all readily available tools, including article submission, review, proofreading, and article format. 

Journal access 

Journal access refers to a set of guidelines and a variety of tactics used to publish research paper outputs online, either totally free of charge or with other access restrictions. By applying an open license for copyright, the open-access restrictions that are firmly defined or maintained are also negotiated for or removed.


So these are the top points to consider before publishing your research in a  Pharmaceutical journal. You can publish your study or thesis work taking into account the journal's theme and scope, publication costs, publication time frame, submission and review procedures, etc. You may contact the International Journal in Pharmaceutical Sciences to publish your work.