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The primary criteria for publication in our journal are originality, scientific excellence, and relevance to a diverse readership. Papers that lack sufficient experimental detail to support their claims will not be accepted for publication. In the event of any technical inquiries, we may reach out to the author for clarification. However, please note that the Editors retain the right to make textual adjustments without altering the technical content. When manuscripts are submitted with multiple authors, it is assumed that all listed authors have agreed to the submission and that a final version of the manuscript has been approved by all authors, as well as by the relevant authorities in the respective research laboratories. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, it should not be published elsewhere, in the same or different language and format, without obtaining consent from the Editors. During the submission process, authors are required to provide a covering letter that highlights the novelty of their work or the unique approach taken in their research. This information helps us assess the significance and distinctiveness of the manuscript. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of publication by promoting originality, scientific rigor, and effective communication of research findings to our broad readership.