Among all types of cancer, brain tumor is a rare type of cancer but it is deadliest cancer. These tumors are difficult to treat, due to protected in the hard skull. All abnormal cell are not tumors but some of which can lead cancer. Around 50-60% patients of brain tumor are getting well due to advanced technology. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy play important roll to treat brain tumors, with help of MRI images tumors can be detected and treated. Right method of segmentation must use to divide patient to give them proper treatment. Region growing and clustering algorithm are commonly used region based segmentation techniques. Manual segmentation of brain tumor from magnetic resonance is non-invasive and time consuming. Computer assisted diagnosis machine learning and deep learning allow to radiologist to identify brain tumors. In recent years deep learning solve image classification, semantic segmentation and object detection.


Brain tumor, MRI, Radiation Therapy, Segmentation, Machine Learning


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V. A. Chavan
Corresponding author

Nandkumar Shinde College Of Pharmacy, Aghur, Vaijapur 423701 Dist.¬Aurangabad, Maharashtra

V. K. Gahal

Nandkumar Shinde College Of Pharmacy, Aghur, Vaijapur 423701 Dist.¬Aurangabad, Maharashtra

S. S. Deokar

Nandkumar Shinde College Of Pharmacy, Aghur, Vaijapur 423701 Dist.¬Aurangabad, Maharashtra

V. K. Gahal, V. A. Chavan*, S. S. Deokar, Brain Tumors: Signs, Detection, and Treatment, Int. J. in Pharm. Sci., 2023, Vol 1, Issue 11, 140-144.

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