Historically known as kohl or surma, kajal is applied as an eye-catching cosmetic. An ancient eye Cosmetic is kajal. In addition to being used as a cosmetic, There are a number of endemic ocular diseases In the Nile region including trachoma – which is caused by a chlamydial bacterium and can cause corneal Scarring – and conjunctival cicatricial disease, with visual loss, kohl was also used medicinally to darken The eyelids and protect the eyes from infectious diseases. Most women use it, while some men and kids Also use it. Depending on the culture and country, kohl has different ingredients and preparation methods.The use of homemade, lead-based eyeliner has increased. The idea behind the manufacture of herbal kajal using medicinal plants for improvement is both a fresh And a revolutionary technique. Ghee, coconut oil, and camphor are all natural substances we used to Create our kajal formulations. The main advantages of these cosmetics products improved patient Compliance, water resistance, durability, and side effect freedom costeffective shaping Curve. Herbal Kajal contains castor oil helps in providing coolness to the eyes, and gives the eyes relief from Stress,Coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiviral & anti-inflammatory properties almond oil Content vitamin k and vitamin A revealed that the values fell within the permitted ranges by Based on Various physiochemical criteria, standardisation of the herbs was carried out. Its antimicrobial activity And a few other factors were used to compare it to similar items. Based on chosen parameters and its Anti-microbial capacity, the herbal kajal has been compared to reference items.


Kohl, Kajal, Surma, Herbal Kohl, Kaadige


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Sanyukta S. Kute
Corresponding author

PRES College of Pharmacy (For Women’s), Chincholi, Nashik-422103

Sarita L. Sangale

PRES College of Pharmacy (For Women’s), Chincholi, Nashik-422103

Charushila J. Bhangale

PRES College of Pharmacy (For Women’s), Chincholi, Nashik-422103

Sarita L. Sangale, Sanyukta S. Kute*, Charushila J. Bhangale, Formulation And Evaluation Of Herbal Kajal, Int. J. in Pharm. Sci., 2023, Vol 1, Issue 7, 302-305.

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