Sublingual dosage forms have gained significant attention in the field of pharmaceuticals due to their unique route of administration and rapid onset of action. This dosage form involves placing medication under the tongue, where it dissolves and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the highly vascularized sublingual mucosa. This route offers several advantages, including avoiding first-pass metabolism in the liver, enhancing bioavailability, and providing a non-invasive and convenient option for patients who have difficulty swallowing or require fast drug action. In this abstract, we explore the characteristics, advantages, and challenges associated with sublingual dosage forms. We discuss the principles of drug absorption through the sublingual route, highlighting the role of the sublingual mucosa in drug uptake. The factors influencing drug formulation and optimization for sublingual delivery are also examined, including the choice of excipients, drug solubility, and taste-masking techniques. Furthermore, we delve into the diverse range of therapeutic applications that can benefit from sublingual dosage forms, such as pain management, cardiovascular diseases, and hormone replacement therapy. Case studies and examples of commercially available sublingual products are provided to illustrate the practicality and effectiveness of this delivery route. While sublingual dosage forms offer numerous advantages, they are not without challenges, such as taste masking, stability issues, and dosage accuracy. We address these challenges and discuss potential strategies for overcoming them. In conclusion, sublingual dosage forms represent a promising avenue for drug delivery, offering rapid onset of action, improved bioavailability, and patient convenience. As pharmaceutical research continues to advance, the development and optimization of sublingual dosage forms are expected to play an increasingly important role in modern medicine.


Sublingual dosage form, systemic circulation, salivary gland, Tongue, sublingual drug delivery


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Namrata S. Revar
Corresponding author

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy, Mhasrul, Varvandi road, Nashik.

Samruddhi B. Sawant

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy, Mhasrul, Varvandi road, Nashik.

Sanjeevani D. Rupwate

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy, Mhasrul, Varvandi road, Nashik.

Namrata S. Revar*, Samruddhi B. Sawant, Sanjeevani D. Rupwate, Sublingual Dosage Form, Int. J. in Pharm. Sci., 2023, Vol 1, Issue 9, 397-403.

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