• Development And Evaluation Of Cyperus Rotundus Based Hair Removal Cream
  • 1Student Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.
    2Asst.Professor Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.
    3Lecturer Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.


The market for hair removal products in the cosmetics and personal care sectors is expanding. Unwanted hair development is a common issue for teenage girls and women. Because of their great efficacy, safety, and lack of negative side effects, herbal depilatories are a better option than pharmaceutical ones, as this study emphasizes. Other hair removal techniques are reviewed, along with the content of herbal lotions containing depilatory herbs. Cosmetic products called depilatories are designed to remove hair from the skin. The active ingredients in most chemical depilators are thioglycolic acid salts. Thioglycolic acid, cetyl alcohol, Cyperus rotundus oil, calcium hydroxide, vitamin E, bees wax, liquid paraffin, and the required amount of orange oil are needed to make the hair removal cream. The formulation of the hair removal cream was assessed for ph and viscosity. The outcomes highlighted the exceptional qualities of the F3 formulation.


Cyperus Rotundus, Hair Removal, Cream, Herbal.


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Gauri Beldar
Corresponding author

Student Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.

Shravan Somani .

Asst.Professor Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.

Abhijit Rode.

Lecturer Pratibhatai Pawar College of Pharmacy, Wadala Mahadev, Shrirampur.

Gauri Beldar, Shravan Somani, Abhijit Rode, Development And Evaluation Of Cyperus Rotundus Based Hair Removal Cream, Int. J. of Pharm. Sci., 2024, Vol 2, Issue 1, 653-671.

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